The Belgian Chocolate House Case Study


The Belgian Chocolate House was developed in Belgium to showcase Belgian brands of chocolate mostly to visitors.

The key question we were asked to answer was whether or not this concept had enough viability to be profitable outside of Belgium.

Our Approach

We approached the problem as a fairly standard concept test – presenting the concept to consumers and assessing their level of interest in patronizing it. We then went on to assess also the basis for the appeal of the concept.

The RIGHT Answer

Consumers in many countries in the world, including all of those where the study was done – US, UK, Australia, China, New Zealand, Japan, UAE, Bahrain, Taiwan, Kuwait – believe that Belgium has the best chocolate in the world, yet virtually none can name a specific brand that is Belgian.

In other words, Belgian brands trying to market themselves to a worldwide audience are under-utilizing one of their key assets – their "Belgianness".

By giving Belgian brands an overarching theme that consumers resonate with, the Belgian Chocolate House has the potential to set the world on fire when it comes to selling chocolate.